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AndersonBaron is currently providing landscape architecture services for the Grandfamilies of Arizona project, located in south Phoenix on Roeser Road and 18th Place.  Working with Whitneybell Perry Architects, this project is a unique opportunity that will provide affordable housing in a community setting for a specific type of family: Grandparents raising their Grandchildren.  This project was recently featured in an article in the Arizona Republic, and we’d like to share this worthy story with you as well. 

It is not an uncommon story in Arizona; for one reason or another Grandpa and Grandma are suddenly faced with the circumstances of raising their children’s children.  For many of these situations, affordable long-term housing is not easily accessible.  Many Grandparents are on a  fixed income, are typically living in either senior housing where children are not allowed or in smaller spaces that may not be appropriate for children, and are frequently given these responsibilities with little to no warning, leaving no time for planning or saving. 

The Grandfamilies of Arizona project will give these families a stable, affordable place to call home.  It is community driven and provides opportunities to connect with other families in similar situations.  This project is currently under construction and anticipates opening next August. 


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