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Last week the Chandler City Council approved one of AndersonBaron’s planning projects with KB Home on a 4-3 split vote. The project proposes 90 two-story homes on the 14-acre site in a “cluster home” design (meaning a group of houses would share a common driveway), at the northeastern corner of Arizona Avenue and Queen Creek Road.  This approval went against the Planning & Zoning Commission’s recommendations, as this area is planned for commercial or high-density residential and lies within the corridor designated for future light-rail development.

The split decision was based on two opinions: 1) Single-family homes would be incompatible with the existing and planned development at that intersection, and 2) The character of the area has changed, and there is already sufficient employment and retail available.  In fact, a 2012 study found that Chandler has more retail space than the national average, and a high retail-vacancy rate.

The intersection will be zoned for commercial development, with the outter corners developed as mixed-used projects that include both single- and mult-family homes.

AndersonBaron is pleased at the approval of this project and excited for it to move forward! Since Chandler is where our headquarters office is, we are always passionate about bringing quality projects to our backyard.

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