Dallas Open House

In the off-chance you haven’t seen or heard any of our announcements that we now have a Dallas office, here’s one more reminder for you. Our Dallas office is located in one of the coolest neighborhoods in the City: The Bishop Arts District. It’s a small, artsy, and eclectic district within Oak Cliff, that is home to adorable shops, delicious restaurants, and other businesses that have been converted from older homes. The Bishop Arts District hosts a handful of events throughout the year, one of which is called the “Wine Walk”, where branded wine glasses are sold for $10 and people are invited down to the neighborhood and receive a glass of wine from any of the participating businesses – how fun! When we learned of this event (which takes places a handful of times throughout the year) we thought this might be a good time to host a “soft” open house or reception in our office and invite clients and colleagues to check out our new digs and then enjoy the wine walk of the district if they felt so inclined.

While I managed to only take pictures of the new entry wall and the food, we thought it was still worth mentioning on the “news” page! Brian put in a lot of work to make sure the office was in tip top shape and we appreciate all of his hard work!


New entry wall!

photo 1

We stocked up on some of the delicious chocolates from the chocolatier downstairs from our office, Dude Sweet!

photo 2

We had wine glasses on hand so our guests could participate in the wine walk throughout the Bishop Arts District.

Curious about the Bishop Arts Districts and any other events they may have?  Check out their website or their facebook page!


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