Inspirada Revival to Lift Housing Market?

While the full-blown grand reopening of the Inspirada Master Plan is set to take place on October, 4th, the home builders (KB Home, Pardee Homes, and Toll Bros.) scheduled a “sales blitz” to showcase their models in the 1,900-acre master planned community on August 1st. This article in the Review Journal is charging Inspirada with leading the trends towards economic recovery, since no master plan has debuted so many neighborhoods and models in one day since before the recession. The CEO of Home Builders Research in Las Vegas, Dennis Smith, says this kind of single-day sales event is boosting the confidence in Henderson and could have the ripple effects throughout the entire housing market for a major upturn. Not only is it a signal of home trends to come, but it also is boosting local construction permitting activity in southern Nevada by 10-20%. If interest lists are any indication, the potential for future home sales in Inspirada will exceed early expectations! Toll Bros. launched their new subdivision in January of this year and stated they’d expected roughly 40 sales through July, and are happily reporting 76 units had been sold by the time the article was published (August 2nd).

Is Inspirada a glimpse into a positive future, are things getting better and people starting to want to make moves? Stay tuned and follow our updates on Inspirada and the grand opening in October!

Read the full article in the Review-Journal below:

Front Page Inspirada

Page 2 Article

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