Lunch & Learn Series: Planting Workshop

We’re kicking off a Lunch & Learn series at AndersonBaron! These are all internally run by either a Principal, Associate, or Senior Project Manager and the subjects are going to be taken as suggestions from the team. The first Lunch & Learn in the series kicked off in September and the subject was planting design. Brett Anderson, Principal, lead the workshop and went over various planting principles, essential components of a successful planting design concepts, scale of the site, regional significance and context of plant materials, and showed examples. Macie from V&P Nursery here in the valley dropped off some plant materials for Brett to use in his demonstration –thank you Macie!

This is the first workshop that we hope to do at least quarterly, if not more often, in the office. Furthering our teams understanding of what we do, how we do it, and what makes us AndersonBaron is an important part of the office culture and we’re excited to bring new opportunities to the team.


photo 1

Some of our team gathered in our conference room as Brett Anderson presented.

photo 4

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