Eastmark Named 10 Hottest Neighborhoods of 2020

“It’ll be like Mayberry meets The Jetsons.”

Phoenix Magazine has published their list of the 10 hottest neighborhoods of 2020, and Eastmark made the list!  The list is a compilation of the Valley’s hottest areas five years from today. Eastmark was noted for the community’s quality of life and future-forward planning, and it’s anticipated ability for “breeding tech pros”.

AndersonBaron is grateful for our continued partnership with DMB, Inc. and in the future development and potential at Eastmark.

For more information about the Eastmark community, visit Eastmark.com or call the Eastmark Visitors Center today at 855-EASTMRK.  Read the story on the Eastmark Blog!

Planck Park

Families gather at Planck Park at Eastmark, in Mesa, Arizona.

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