Arizona HB 2613 Threatens the Landscape Architecture Profession – Please Read!

Please help your local Landscape Architect!

Give you neighborhood Landscape Architect a hug and email your State Representative to let them know that they can’t take our licenses away from us…

Unbeknownst to many of us in the design and development world here in Arizona, the State Legislature, and to my understanding with the Governor’s backing, has put forth HB 2613, which is to go to the floor February 17th to be debated. This Bill would eliminate the State’s licensure requirements for the profession of Landscape Architecture. All that I can come up with for a reason behind this decision to focus on our profession is that they (the Governor and State Legislators) think that all that we do is mow lawns, trim trees, and design crazy pools for their backyards. I know that my Architect friends believe that to be true…you know who you are. But, as you all have come to discover after working with us or employing us to help design your projects, is that we are much, much more. You have come to rely on our extensive education and vast experiences to enhance your projects and protect the health, safety and welfare of the users.

In 2003, the following report was developed for the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA): (its 90 pages but there is an executive summary). This report looked at in detail the impact our profession has on the health, safety, and welfare of the public and the issues of liability that arise from designing outdoor spaces. This liability is definitely an important item for those of you that hire us and our colleagues. All that you have to do is read through one of the many Master Service Agreements to see that.

At the time that this report was written, only three States did not have a licensure requirement. Since that time all three have added the requirement. If this proposed Bill were to pass, Arizona would be going backwards in protecting the public and be the ONLY State that does not have some kind of licensure requirement. The current trend is adding licensure requirements, not removing them.

It is my hope that I can solicit your help in educating our elected officials in the importance of our Landscape Architects and the need to keep it as a State licensed profession. The following link is to the Senate and House roster which will direct your representative’s web page and email: If you can, please take a moment to email or call your representative and let them know that this Bill needs to be killed.

Thank You

Christopher G. Jones, RLA

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