From Intern to Project Designer


We are always excited to announce the latest news with our team here at AndersonBaron. Our very own Brandon Ramirez has recently graduated from Arizona State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture – transitioning from Intern to Project Designer.

What better way to share the good news than through the words of Brandon himself.

Meet Brandon:

1. What does Landscape Architecture mean to you?

To me, landscape architecture means designing an outdoor experience imperceptibly into nature, enticing people to be outside and have a positive experience. I believe landscape architecture is a profession where the projects are never truly complete, but in a continuous state of change.

2. How did you get into this field? What sparked your interest?

I was in my senior year of high school and was applying to universities when I took a career test to see what may be a good path for me. I had many interests, but nothing career-wise stood out to me. The results of the test suggested that I explore the design/engineering field. So I entered Arizona State University as a first year architecture studies student. At ASU, the first year landscape architecture and architecture students take overlapping discipline classes; it was during one of the LA classes that I decided to officially switch my studies to landscape architecture. What got me to stay with LA was that I would be designing outdoor spaces for people to enjoy and that every project is always evolving.

3. How did your internship with AndersonBaron prepare you for your career path? What did you learn that could not be found in the classroom?

My internship with AndersonBaron prepared me in many ways for my career. An internship helps a student grow leaps and bounds in their knowledge of the profession – both conceptually and with the hands-on tools of the trade. I would not trade my experience for any number of classes at school that I could have taken.

4. What do you enjoy most about your new role as Project Designer?

The role is still relatively new to me, but the thing I enjoy most about my new role is the added level of responsibility I have with projects – and of course spending more time with my awesome coworkers!

5. What would you say to a student considering an internship while completing their degree?

An internship is an excellent way to transition from the world of academia to the workforce. It provides an opportunity to get rid of the initial shock of working in the real world. An internship allows students the experience of strict deadlines and costs of projects, which is something that you do not necessarily get to experience in school. I believe many students write off getting an internship and decide to take extra classes or travel abroad, but I believe an internship is the ideal way to see if a profession is something you want to be doing as a career. The best advice I can give someone seeking an internship is not to get discouraged. If you hustle, you will get the opportunity! My advice to a current intern is to be a sponge – absorb everything you can! Lastly, I want to say to make sure you enjoy your time working. You should not be going home from work dreading to come back the next morning. Work does not have to be a bad experience – have fun with it!


Congratulations, Brandon! We are thrilled to have you on the team as Project Designer. 

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