2019 Dodgeball Team Builder

AB Culture
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The dodgeball;

Such a special lure you possess as one squeezes the synergy of your force in their windup and release you towards the direction of gracefully pegging co-workers and managers without consequences. So rewarding is the feeling in the midst of friendly crossfire with a little bit of special sauce added to the throw. Did last year’s inauguration of this 2nd quarter teambuilder classic mark the calendars of every team members competitive heart permanently? I believe this year’s classic would say so.

Everyone had a blast from creatively choosing the team names (blue team – UNTOUCHABALLS, black team – NOT IN THE FACE), Little Mike’s playful distractions (blue team’s secret weapon), the black team waving the white flag even though the scales were severely tilted towards the blue team with all the manpower (“girls still rock!” – black team), to mixing up the teams so that revenge was served up more than once.

The awesome fellowship ended with great food and drinks at the happy hour hosted by The Living Room Wine Café & Lounge in Chandler, AZ. Special thanks to the entire team for continuing to build the culture that inspires and creates community. 

AndersonBaron all the way up!