2019 Paint + Sip Team Builder

AB Culture
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Our dreams have always playfully entertained the inspirations behind the next great Michelangelo masterpiece. This artistic seed started as a youth when we first admired our colored fingers from successfully gracing the canvas with the perfect hand turkey silhouette as our parent’s affirmation gave us great joy of the art created. For others, it was the smiles coming from them as you successfully painted all eight planets in our solar system with elementary shaped cutouts for the first time. All it takes is one opportunity to tap back into that artistic aspiration and we’re off dreaming again. In the moment of fellowship and relaxation, the joy of inner cheers forms a giddy smile as one steps back and admires the beauty extending from the end of their paintbrush; a masterpiece indeed😊

The AndersonBaron family gathered at Uptown Art in Chandler, AZ for their 3rd quarter team builder event. The classic paint and sip session consisted of painting your best seashore, feasting on pizza and snacks, and enjoying a good glass of wine. Special thanks to Uptown Art for hosting us in your amazing art studio. Great appreciation also goes out to the entire team for continuing to build the culture that inspires and creates community.

Keep dreaming!