Scavenger Hunt

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Is the glory found in the victor’s spoils or is in the thrill of the hunt? Which one feeds the adrenaline of your competitive spirit? The AndersonBaron quarterly teambuilding event was another classic as teams kept pace and jockeyed for the best winner’s reward. The scavenger hunt took place at The ‘Mark, Eastmark’s innovative and wildly fun Visitor and Community Center. From the inside to the outside community features, this was one of the most adventurous explorations with the bonus of a little-unexpected weight loss. Got to love Natasha for always thinking of the health benefits.

Congratulations to The Sneaky Storks, comprised of Chris, Colin, Jason M, and Sarah for coming out on top. The Cheeky Cheetahs and Big Tunas followed suit in the prized top three. Thank you to the entire team for being great participants and creating the bonding moments that strengthen a dynamic team.