Cheers to four years!

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A dream’s beginning can start with one seed of passion cultivated in our play. A child can look up to the sky while running in the fields and see their future taking shape. The feeling is eutopia and the gateway into our imagination. Regardless of the journey’s passage, we are always excited to get back to this place. The beauty of nature has that type of effect, so we understand when your first paying job is walking dogs and cleaning cages at an animal shelter, but nothing can stop your eternal clock from counting down the time to experience the outdoors again.

For Colin Hanson, this was the intro to his professional story. An Arizona native who grew up hiking, biking, and playing outside with dreams of being able to design the outdoor experience one day. Colin is now a designer of community and advocate of innovation. AndersonBaron celebrates and honor their dynamic project manager for four great years of service. Colin contributes his success to the joys of working with a lot of really great people who have become very close friends of his and the spirit of creativity that every unique project spark for greater design. His professional experience includes multi-family design, master planning, community design and theming, as well as residential design.

Congratulations Colin on your work anniversary!