Congratulations Shelby!

AB Culture
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The process of cultivating one’s growth can be a beautiful experience when rising stars shine from fusing towards achievement. This is the very reason why the AndersonBaron family takes great joy in celebrating our peers as we create community together. With great excitement, AndersonBaron would like to give a special shout-out to Shelby Boos on her recent promotion to Project Coordinator!

Shelby is an alumna of Arizona State University with her bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture and minor in sustainability. Through creating community that aids the needs of the land, she aims to find a balance between desire and functionality in landscapes. Shelby hopes to transform the way urban and environmental landscapes are built in an effort to remain diverse and productive. Outside of work, she enjoys music, traveling, cooking, and staying active by participating in sports or enjoying the beautiful outdoors with her Australian Kelpie sidekick, Xena.