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Hansel and Gretel’s indulgences were born in the home of expedient cravings but is the neighborhood guilty of appeasing one’s desire to satisfy hunger with shiny offerings. The body has always desired healthier appetites, but is today’s nutritional wilderness worth the enjoyment of cultivating fresh produce, or does convenient production always make the plate when the dinner bell announces the time to dine? The sound that appeases hunger pangs of playful feet running home from where there is still no spring can be considered fable, or the heart of just another entry read from a food desert’s chronicles.

Through Community ConNEXTions, AndersonBaron is helping communities with the opportunity to DINE right and DINE together. This “healthier appetites” initiative is showcase exclusively in the KB Home ProjeKt (#wheretomorrowlives). The outdoor living experience of the home bonds seamless with nature through a strategically placed green wall system that provides you with the clean air, aesthetics, and therapy to improve health while giving you more space for other amenities that fits your lifestyle just right. Vegetable Gardens align the home’s outdoor dining décor, giving you access to health benefits that many don’t always have the luxury of taking advantage of (ex. better freshness, no chemicals, no cost at the market, etc.). The community dining area also gets upgraded with the unique “farm to table” option for all homeowners; fresh produce with enjoyable cultivation through social conviviality. Here are some of the facts behind these benefits:

“Research found that people moving to greener areas experienced an immediate improvement in mental health that was sustained for at least 3 years.” – “Green Spaces Deliver Lasting Mental Health Benefits,” Science Daily, January 7, 2014

“Children who eat regular family dinners also consume more fruits, vegetables, vitamins and micronutrients, as well as fewer fried foods and soft drinks. And the nutritional benefits keep paying dividends even after kids grow up: young adults who ate regular family meals as teens are less likely to be obese and more likely to eat healthily once they live on their own…In addition, a stack of studies link regular family dinners with lowering a host of high risk teenage behaviors parents fear: smoking, binge drinking, marijuana use, violence, school problems, eating disorders and sexual activity.” – “Science says: eat with your kids.”, Anne Fishel, The Conversation, January 9, 2015

“Gardening is excellent stress relief for a combination of fascinating reasons: exposure to fresh air and sunlight, relaxing and repetitive tasks, and even contact with harmless bacteria in the soil that helps release serotonin in the brain.” – “How a Family Garden Will Improve Your Health. Dig in the Dirt Together to Add Physical Activity and Subtract Stress.”, Catherine Holecko, February 13, 2018, verywellfamily.com