Happy Anniversary Hillary!

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Inspired by the blank slate and the white-sheet-of-paper potential that every project holds. Mastering the art form to crafting and describing a place that only exists in drawings or land use plans. A public hearing junky who loves a good neighborhood meeting battle or Planning Commission debate but knows there’s nothing better than a unanimous affirmative vote on a really difficult case that takes years to negotiate. The leader who knows that the measure of influence isn’t in their ability to lead people but to serve them. Does this define the best planning manager in the nation? AndersonBaron believes it does and we’re honored to celebrate Planning Manager Hillary Turby’s two years of service.  

Hillary is a graduate of Connecticut College with a bachelor’s degree in government and a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of Arizona. She has worked with various municipalities across the State of Arizona developing long-range planning documents that direct growth and influence the functional design of cities and counties into the future. Hillary is a Phoenix native but has lived in various cities around the country and world such as Austin, Portland, Los Angeles, Cape Town, and Tokyo that have contributed to her experience. As an integral part of the AndersonBaron team, Hillary would like to keep expanding the AndersonBaron entitlement market to new states and municipalities. She also looks forward to a little bit of revenge by pegging her colleague Chris Szabo with a dodgeball at the annual teambuilder tournament in June this year.

Outside of work, Hillary enjoys spending time with her husband and newborn daughter Hazel, traveling, riding bikes around Downtown Phoenix, trying new restaurants, and teaching her dogs, Juniper and Pappy (a Vizsla and German Shorthaired-Pointer) to hunt and dock jump.

Cheers to helping us create community!