Capriola Park

Client: City of Henderson/Inspirada Builders, LLC

Parks Studio, Public Works Studio

Capriola Park is one of the first City of Henderson parks to be constructed…

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12.86 acres

Project Details

Design Features

Children’s Play Area

Picnic Area


Splash Pad/Water Play

Tensile Shade


3 Tennis Courts

2 Soccer/Multi-Use Sport Fields

Dog Park

2 Basketball Courts


Multi-Use Trail


Capriola Park is one of the first City of Henderson parks to be constructed after the “Grand Re-Opening” of the 1500-acre Inspirada master plan in the Fall of 2014. The playground theme of this almost 13-acre park is movement and discovery, and incorporates several hands-on sensory activities. No play element is static; each item involves some form of movement by its users and ignites one or more of the senses to discover and explore their environment. This type of sensory play is vital for a child’s development, giving endless ways for them to develop and learn. Sensory play improves motor skills, coordination, concentration, develops imaginations and creative thinking, and promotes overall mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Users can balance on ropes, climb into and jump on trampolines, and slide down an oversized slide positioned on the slope of the playground. The large splash pad may offer respite on a hot Henderson day, but water play is one of the best sensory opportunities for children to experience their environment and as well. Engaging with these colorful elements is sure to build lasting memories of Capriola Park for years to come. This discovery themed playground sits atop an elevated slope, creating clear lines of visibility for parents to be able to watch their younger children play from every angle of the park.  In addition, Capriola is packed with three tennis courts, two basketball courts, two soccer/multi-use fields, an expansive picnic and amphitheater area, plus a dedicated dog park for four-legged residents!

Capriola Park sits just north of two other City of Henderson parks designed by AndersonBaron. With the parks so close in proximity, special consideration was taken to ensure each park offers unique active play elements to encourage residents to venture out and explore what each park has to offer. After users have experienced the sensory playground at Capriola, they can venture south one-quarter mile to Potenza Park and feel the music, or continue three-quarters of a mile south and dive into the exploration themed elements of Aventura Park.

Services Rendered

  • Character and Theming
  • City Submittals
  • Client Representation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Observation
  • Cost Estimates
  • Design Guidelines
  • Entitlement Support
  • Grading design
  • Hardscape Design
  • Landscape & Irrigation design
  • Municipal Review Services
  • Plant Procurement
  • Programming
  • Project Management

Goals & Constraints

Create a unique theme for the play area

Keep playground elevated and separate from active sports fields


Capriola park officially opened in September of 2014