Gammage Parkway

Client: Arizona State University

Urban Design Studio, Public Works Studio

The construction of a Power Parasol above Gammage Parkway on ASU’s Tempe campus provided…

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970 sqft

Project Details

Design Features

“Alumni Walk” – Alma Mater lyrics are written into the hardscape design

Placemaking Theories

Circulation Studies

Road Table



The construction of a Power Parasol above Gammage Parkway on ASU’s Tempe campus provided a unique opportunity to establish a new urban environment beneath the shaded solar structures. Historically, this area served as the main entry into campus and AndersonBaron incorporated placemaking principles into a design that revitalizes this 40-foot stretch of streetscape into a gateway.  The restored grandeur integrates a variety of users, events and culture with modern technology, creating a place of memory for current and future students.

The concept for the space is based upon the ASU Alma Mater.  The paving patterns are sequenced from west to east by the chord progression of the Alma Mater, with the lyrics set prominently within the hardscape at various seating areas.  The procession of the entire walk ends with the crescendo of the final words: “Arizona State.”  Intricate planting patterns of native and regionally adapted materials with intimate seating nodes accentuate the walk, providing green landscape that thrives year-round through the sunlight cascading through the solar panels. It is a rich environment with flexible programming, unique wayfinding opportunities, and endless combinations of experiences for its users.

Services Rendered

  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction Documentation
  • Hardscape Design
  • Landscape & Irrigation design
  • Site Planning & Analysis