Design runs through our hallways and our veins


  • Andy Baron

    ASLA, LEED AP | Partner & Principal

    As a founding Principal of AndersonBaron, Andy brings more than 23 years of experience in landscape architecture, urban design, and planning to the firm.  Andy’s steadfast determination to create meaningful & unique spaces that embrace the surrounding culture, character, and environment is visible in a wide range of projects, including commercial developments, campuses, park planning, resorts, healthcare, master-planned communities, and creative projects.  Andy’s ability to articulate and convey information and concepts make him a natural leader, as he believes that exceptional design and its integration are products of consistent and effective team collaboration.  His contributions to a diverse blend of projects reflect a wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating design solutions that are functional and adaptive to Clients’ needs.

  • Brett Anderson

    asla | Partner & Principal

    Brett is one of the founding Principals of AndersonBaron, having 32 years’ experience in the field of landscape architecture.  A graduate of the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Brett provides a unique artistic vision to everything he creates.  His goal is to fully understand each place he creates, and is predicated by his effort to allow the process to naturally unfold.  Brett’s work substantiates his belief that while process alone cannot ensure a memorable place; innovation, experience, and an understanding of the beauty and art of the land are paramount to its ultimate success.

  • Brian Rogers

    rla | Associate

    Brian’s analytical approach to design and solution is credited to his 15 years in the field of landscape architecture.  A graduate from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture, Brian’s strength lies in his ability to analyze project feasibility and constraints, ensuring the completion of a successful project.  He is well versed in a broad range of projects, including large-scale master planned communities, commercial, hospitality, institutional, and high end residential.  Brian is committed to professional growth, as well as excellence in design development and implementation. His Clients benefit from his experience in site and space development, project management, and construction practices.  Brian is an avid outdoorsman and off-road expedition enthusiast, who is involved in many animal rescue and adoption groups.

  • Thomas Durant

    rla, LEED AP | Associate

    Tom’s experience in the landscape architecture industry spans more than 21 years and covers a broad range of project design and management. As an LEED Accredited Professional, Tom has the unique ability to process complex ideas into workable solutions, providing an important component to our Quality Assurance Program.  He has a keen understanding of natural processes and the ability to respond to challenges in innovative and creative ways.  Tom’s analytical approach to his work broadens the collaborative perspective of our team, and makes him a natural leader.  He has been with AndersonBaron since 2010 and has focused primarily on master-planned communities, project management, businesss development, and Client relations in the Associate role.  In his spare time, Tom enjoys spending time camping in northern Arizona, riding at the imperial dunes, gardening, and playing with his two rescued boxer pups.

  • Chris Szabo


    “Szabo” brings over 15 years of experience in the landscape architecture industry to AndersonBaron.  His underlying focus is to provide the utmost satisfaction to the Client by way of ensuring all projects are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well.  As an Associate, Chris oversees the preparation of design and construction documents to ensure they adhere to the firm’s philosophy and to provide the Client with a set of documents to construct the project efficiently.  As a Chicago native, Szabo enjoys Chicago sports, Chicago style hot dogs, and deep-dish pizza.  He also enjoys going to concerts, riding his Harley, snowboarding, golfing, spending time with family and going hiking with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Lincoln.


The Team

  • Francie Baron

    Accounting Manager

    Francie is affectionately referred to as the “ninja” of the AndersonBaron office due to her stealth behind-the-scenes role.  As the Accounting Manager, Francie works closely with Client and vendor billing departments and manages the firm’s accounts, invoicing, sub-consultant and other vendor invoicing, as well as other accounting related duties.  This is a vital role at AndersonBaron, and Francie’s acute attention to detail makes her a significant part of the team.  When not attending to her ninja duties, Francie enjoys spending time and traveling with her family, bike riding, her cabin in northern Arizona, Ajera, Kate Spade, and wine.

  • Jim Beckman

    Project Manager

    Jim had the pleasure of coming to work with AndersonBaron as a Project Manager after having worked with Principals Brett and Andy for six years previously.  He has extensive experience on master planned communities and private estates in both the Phoenix and Las Vegas metro areas.  His resume also includes parks, streetscapes, major entry monuments, gated entries into parcels, and water features.  While he has worked in various capacities of landscape architecture in his 18 years of experience, project management has been his passion.  Jim is from Omaha, Nebraska originally, but has made Phoenix his home, residing in a historic district near downtown. Jim spends his free time taking advantage of the desert climate with activities such as competitive mountain biking.

  • Shelby Boos

    Project Designer

    Shelby is a native born and raised Arizonian with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University, and a minor in Sustainability. She aims to find a balance between desire and functionality in landscapes to aid the needs of the land. Shelby hopes to transform the way urban and environmental landscapes are built in effort to remain diverse and productive. She has previously gained some professional experience interning with a local architecture firm, and has participated in many volunteer projects and daring adventures by being an active Girl Scout. In her spare time, she enjoys music, traveling, cooking, and keeping active whether it be participating in sports or the beautiful outdoors with her side-kick Australian Kelpie, Xena.

  • Justin Chadwick

    Project Manager

    Justin has a Bachelor’s of Science in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University.  As a Project Manager, Justin provides excellent rendering and graphic skills, and contributes to the production of construction documents for numerous projects. This includes obtaining base materials, coordinating engineering and sub-consultants, and providing cost estimation take-offs.  He is also involved in certain project design and presentation materials.  The vast majority of his time outside of work is spent with his family; he and his wife have seven children, so they keep pretty busy!

  • Patrick Corey

    Assistant Project Manager

    Patrick is part of the AndersonBaron team as an Assistant Project Manager for our Dallas office.  Originally from outside of Boston, Patrick attended Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach for two years while enrolled in the professional golf management program. After transferring back to the northeast, Patrick took several courses in landscape architecture due to his interest in golf course design. He then graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor’s Degree in landscape architecture. He fell in love with the industry because it allowed for creative freedom.  Patrick’s experience includes extensive garden design, and working on many high end projects in and around the Boston area. His favorite part of design is seeing a project come from concept stages into a finished project, as well as the production of project images using computer graphics. Patrick relocated to Dallas to escape the New England weather and to further his career in landscape architecture.  In his free time, Patrick plays as much golf as possible and stays active while exploring Dallas.

  • Alex Fish

    Planning Manager

    Alex was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and has been with AndersonBaron as one of our original employees, since the beginning!  Alex holds the multi-faceted position of Senior Planner, where he coordinates and reviews site plans and designs to ensure compliance with city zoning ordinance, site regulations, design specifications, and standards. Alex also coordinates a review of design recommendations, and prepares concept, design, cost analysis, bidding, award, and installation plans. Alex regularly works with Clients and consultants to take projects from the conceptual planning/PAD stage all the way through construction document approval and into construction. He considers himself a little bit of a perfectionist – and likes things done right!  When he isn’t spending time outdoors or hunting, Alex is a family man with his two young daughters.

  • Troy Hansen

    Project Manager

    Troy is a graduate of Arizona State University’s Landscape Architecture program, where he received his Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Troy holds the position of Project Manager and has been with AndersonBaron for over three years. Troy’s professional experience includes work on both large scale and small scale design projects. He is beginning to prepare for the LARE exam in anticipation of receiving his license in the future. Troy enjoys his time outdoors biking, trail running, hiking, camping, and has been playing soccer for over 20 years.

  • Colin Hanson

    Assistant Project Manager

    Colin is an Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Landscape Architecture. As an Arizona native, Colin grew up hiking, biking, and playing outside, so a career being able to design the outdoor experience was a perfect fit. He’s currently in the process of preparing to take the LARE exams and pursuing LEED accreditation, and hopes to have both certifications in the near future. Colin’s professional experience includes educational campus design, master planning, community design, community theming, and residential design. In his spare time, he spends time with his wife (a fellow landscape architect) and son, hiking, biking, riding motorcycles, taking road trips, and going to the movies.

  • Brian Hefenieder

    Irrigation Design Manager

    Brian’s experience in the construction and landscape architecture industry span over 33 years and cover a broad range of project design, management, and installation.  No matter how big or small the task, Brian has always had the eye to visualize solutions to complicated problems while keeping his focus on nature and creativity, allowing for great spaces for humanity to enjoy.  In his spare time, Brian enjoys spending time in northern Arizona, golfing, gardening, and remodeling his house.

  • Aaron Hendrickson

    Assistant Project Manager

    Aaron is an Assistant Project Manager with AndersonBaron. He grew up on a farm in North Dakota, where his agrarian background helped develop his passion for plants. While studying at North Dakota State University, he became more passionate with design. Aaron relocated from Fargo to Phoenix in 2014.  In his free time, Aaron loves to go camping up in the mountains.

  • Melissa Hernandez

    Project Designer

    Melissa Hernandez, originally from El Paso, Texas, is a project designer at AndersonBaron. She is a recent graduate of ASU, majoring in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Urban Planning. Her love for the unique desert landscape of Arizona and her constant search for a creative outlet have helped peak her interest in the field. Having had experience assisting with residential design in the past, she found that her attention began leaning more towards design that impacted the greater public and communities in Arizona. Being new in the field, she looks forward to gaining experience and receiving her LARE accreditation. When she’s out of the office, Melissa is taking part in fun activities that allow her to explore her creativity!


  • Miguel Lara

    Assistant Project Manager

    Miguel was born and raised in Los Angeles. His career was inspired by his mother, as he spent his summers gardening with frequent visits to Home Depot and local nurseries. Miguel attended UCLA Extension and received his certification in Landscape Architecture. His professional experience is in landscape design for high end residential & commercial properties. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors and sports, especially soccer.

  • Jason Malpass

    Assistant Project Manager

    Jason is originally from Olympia, Washington and moved to Arizona in 1994 to attend Arizona State University to study Architectural Design. He graduated from Technical College, with a focus in Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Throughout his career, Jason has held various positions within the construction and design industry. In fact, he previously worked with Brett Anderson, Andy Baron, and other current AndersonBaron team members from 2002-2006. During that time, Jason really carved out his niche for Landscape Architecture by gaining extensive experience working on several Master Planned Communities and Commercial Properties throughout Arizona and the surrounding areas. In his free time, Jason enjoys venturing out to the Arizona desert in his Jeep, spending time with friends, and watching movies.


  • Spencer McNab

    Project Planner

    Spencer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Science from the University of Tennessee, and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University. He has studied and worked in a variety of landscape and planning projects around the world including the Dominican Republic, Italy, Brazil, and Angola. Spencer moved to Arizona and joined the AndersonBaron team in January of 2016, bringing with him planning and graphic knowledge. Outside of work his hobbies include snowboarding, wakeboarding, or just relaxing and watching films.

  • Mark Panza

    Assistant Project Manager

    Mark is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture.  His professional experience includes work in single family, multi-family, and commercial design for various firms throughout the Valley. Mark was born in Arizona and has spent his life living in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.  Growing up in the Valley has given him an opportunity to grow his appreciation for desert plant life and the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. During his free time, Mark enjoys hiking, golfing, and fishing.

  • Brandon Ramirez

    Project Designer

    Brandon is an Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Landscape Architecture. Brandon’s love of the outdoors spurred his interest in Landscape Architecture, with a goal of creating spaces for people to enjoy the outdoors. Professionally, Brandon has worked with CAP LTER (Central Arizona Phoenix Long Term Ecological Research), policy makers, and ecological scientists, developing strategies for future sustainable cities. He is also an active volunteer in the community, most recently working with the International Rescue Committee to develop a community gathering space and site plan for an urban farm in Central Phoenix. Brandon is looking forward to taking the LARE exams and growing in the profession. When Brandon is not in the office, you can find him outside kayaking, camping, or on his way to the beach.

  • Kimberly Rodriguez

    Project Designer

    Kimberly is an Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Landscape Architecture. She believes the details within our nature reflect who we are. She seeks to elevate the importance of connections and detail in design because it’s what makes a project whole. Being new to the field, she looks forward to gaining the knowledge to become a registered landscape architect. During Kimberly’s spare time she reads, spends time with her family, and hikes the trails around the Arizona desert.

  • Leann Suen

    Accounting Manager

    Leann is an Arizona native. She grew up on the Navajo Reservation in a small town along Highway 191 called Rock Point. Leann moved to Phoenix in 1998, where she worked her way up from entry level to a senior position in accounting. She is one year away from graduation with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. Leann has worked in the Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture industry for the past 12 years. She joined the AndersonBaron Team as Accounting Manager, tasked with project accounting and general office duties. Leann enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, watching movies, trail bike riding, and the occasional hike.


  • Alberto Tostado

    Project Designer

    Alberto is currently attending Arizona State University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Design Studies.  Alberto’s professional experience includes commercial and residential design for a local firm. Alberto was born in Mexico but has lived in 14 different cities.  The constant change of cities while growing up cultivated an interest in varieties  of landscape architecture throughout the different regions. His favorite pastimes and hobbies include cooking, running, and watching movies.

  • Hillary Turby

    Planning Manager

    Hillary is a graduate of Connecticut College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Arizona. She grew up in downtown Phoenix, but has lived in various cities around the country/world including: Austin, Portland, Los Angeles, Cape Town, and Tokyo. Her professional experience includes working with various municipalities across the State of Arizona; developing long-range planning documents that direct growth, and influence the functional design of cities and counties into the future. Hillary joined AndersonBaron as a Planning Manager in 2017, and focuses on producing and managing new development through the entitlement process. Outside of work, Hillary enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling, riding bikes around downtown Phoenix, trying new restaurants, and teaching her two dogs Juniper and Pappy (a Vizsla and German Shorthaired-Pointer) to hunt and dock jump.

  • Abby Wang

    Project Designer

    Abby is a graduate of Arizona State University’s Master of Landscape Architecture program, and also received a Master and Bachelor degree of Interior Design in China.  Abby holds the position of Project Designer and joined AndersonBaron in September of 2015.  Her professional experience includes working on both residential and public design projects.  As both a landscape and interior designer, her goal is to create a landscape that connects the interior and outdoor spaces cohesively. She is very interested in learning about different cultures and believes that the joy of living comes from what we put into living.  In Abby’s spare time she enjoys cooking, traveling, drawing, and photography. She loves recording every moment of life!

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